08 Jul ‘14

Strange Attractor: Dance Development

published on 08 July 2014

For professional independent dance artists and performance makers


strange attractor is a choreographic development platform for professional independent dance artists and performance makers based in or connected to Canberra and the ACT.


It is a process of choreographic investigation, research, critical dialogue and sharing facilitated by Melbourne based choreographer Natalie Cursio.

The creative team: Adelina Larsson – Artistic Curator, Alison Plevey – Project Coordinator and Finance Manager, Jamie Winbank – Marketing and Media Coordinator and Production Manager. Strange Attractor is an Ausdance ACT auspice project.


strange attractor is about the dancer and their work – cultivating the dancer’s work or performance making by providing time, space and provocation to guide their process. The eight day residency will include a daily choreographic lab led by the facilitator, Natalie Cursio, individual studio research time and sessions with the facilitator, feedback and critical discussion amongst participants. The development process will culminate in two opportunities to show developing work, and discuss ideas and choreographic process with public audiences including invited media, industry guests, arts workers and organisations. The focus for strange attractor is however not to create a finished product but to provide a platform to articulate your choreographic approach fuelling further investigation and professional development within your research/practice. It builds an awareness of independent dance making in Canberra and beyond, informing and engages audiences (including presenters, media, critics) to critical dialogue. Additionally, artists will be invited to discuss amongst peers the longitudinal development of their work/area/practice/research in a post process debrief.

A message from The Facilitator, Natalie Cursio

“As facilitator for strange attractor Nat brings her experience as a provocateur, mentor, workshop leader and ‘critical eye’ that has included both pure dance and cross-disciplinary appointments. (Splendid Arts Lab, Next Wave, not yet it’s difficult, Impermanence Dance Theatre UK and Cursio’s own initiative Critnic). Nat offers questions and propositions that lead choreographers to better understand the particularity of their own work (and how it engages with its audience) physically, spatially, dramaturgically and across time and place. Nat is always interested in interrogating the specific ‘function’ of dance in an artist’s work and why/how/if dance is more ‘useful’ than other forms. To Strange Attractor she brings examples of her own methodologies for developing work including an extended exercise called ‘history of the work’ which is an accumulative improvisational tool for re-thinking and keeping alive the possibilities of a work and also deepening the creative team’s collective conscious and unconscious understanding of what it is they are creating.”

TIME AND PLACE strange attractor runs Sunday 10th to Monday 18th August, 2014 and be hosted by Gorman House Arts Centre and QL2 Dance, Ainslie Ave, Braddon, Canberra, ACT.

We are really pleased to announce the participants as:

  • Laura Boynes
  • Paul Jackson
  • Cadi McCarthy
  • Amelia McQueen
  • Janine Proost
  • Tanya Voges
  • Miranda Wheen

Strange Attractor is an Ausdance ACT auspice project.



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