02 Oct ‘13

Seeking Biloela

published on 02 October 2013

Seeking Biloela – where science and dance meet Indigenous and cross cultural heritage. Two new solo works by internationally recognised dance artists Tammi Gissell and Liz Lea bring to life stories of Indigenous knowledge and Indian traditions – dance and music refined by scientific fact. ‘Magnificus Magnificus’, performed by Tammi Gissell and directed by Liz Lea, dives into the world of the red tailed the Black Cockatoo. ‘Magnificus Magnificus’ draws upon Indigenous knowledge and stories, aligned with science. The work celebrates a stunning bird, her history, character and style in a cabaretesque explosion of feathers.

Highly theatrical with a simple but effective set ‘Magnificus Magnificus’ explores the nature of being a performer, where we come from and how we go forward, making the most of Tammi’s strong performance quality, speaking voice, strength and vulnerability. The red tailed Black Cockatoo is the bringer of truth, tears and rain. Let the stories begin.

‘Kapture’ created and performed by Liz Lea is inspired by the writings of Ahmed Kathrada and his favourite Hindi song about a trapped bird. Kathrada was imprisoned alongside Nelson Mandela for 26 years. A play between dancer and drummer and accompanied by ARIA Award winner Bobby Singh and Sandy Evans, Lea flits between spoken and song, dance and drama. Classical Indian contemporary and flight in and around a set of light designed by Karen Norris.

Cost: $29 regular, $27 concession, group plus four $23, student, $19

Artistic Director; Liz Lea

Performers; Tammi Gissell and Liz Lea

Produced by Liz Lea & Co and The Street Theatre

Seeking Biloela is supported by artsACT, CSIRO Discovery, the Street Theatre, Canberra Dance Theatre and Ausdance ACT.

 This is an Ausdance ACT auspice project.

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