06 Jul ‘12

Ausdance ACT releases 2011 Review of Dance

published on 06 July 2012

Dance and Spaces used for Dance in the ACT – 2011 Review

Dance results in the wellbeing of the body, heart and soul. We want people to dance whenever and wherever they want to. Ausdance ACT’s objectives include lobbying for safe, all-weather dance spaces in community facilities, evenly distributed, across the Territory.

This review tells us about dance activity in the ACT as at 30 November 2011 and where it takes place. By conducting this survey, we came into direct contact with almost every group represented in the very diverse ACT dance community – teachers, students, choreographers and performers of all ages and from many cultural backgrounds. All of them have different and wonderful reasons for dancing.

The Review reveals 102 studios, groups and clubs with regular dance classes, in 121 different spaces. The review reveals that dance is alive and well, but that many spaces being used need attention.


Ausdance ACT recommends that:
• Recommendation One: Community development planning needs to reconsider the appropriateness of community facilities in the planning process to facilitate activity.
• Recommendation Two: a review of ACT Government spaces, especially community centres and halls, is undertaken. Some spaces being used, for want of any other, do not meet the minimum requirements identified by Ausdance ACT.
• Recommendation Three: The managers of spaces need a better awareness of the occupational health and safety requirements of dance.
• Recommendation Four: Infrastructure funding needs to be available to address the shortcomings of facilities.
• Recommendation Five: Most dance activity is delivered by owner/operators, who are generally excluded from community lobbying for suitable community space and are excluded from community grants from Clubs ACT members. However, affordable and suitable spaces need to be assured in community development for these providers.
• Recommendation Six: Clubs ACT members consider wider benefits for the community grants, and include dance. Currently the majority of their community support is directed to sporting groups.

Ausdance ACT intends this review to be used by dancers and teachers, those seeking out dance and places to dance and, especially, by the ACT Government and our planners. Download a copy from our publications page.


Review of Dance and Spaces Used for Dance

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