30 Oct ‘13

No Place – dance/projections/sound

published on 30 October 2013

No Place is an intriguing contemporary performance about four women caught in the borderline territory between the state of wakefulness and sleep.

The work investigates the permeable boundaries between the fictive and the real specifically looking at Hypnagogia – the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. It draws on Hypnos the Greek mythological personification of sleep and his sons Morpheus, Phantasus and Icelus.

No Place is the perceptional experience of the subconscious mind transcending into a physical, sonic and visual manifestation creating an innovative work of contemporary performance.

Choreography: Adelina Larsson

Dancers: Amelia McQueen, Alison Plevey, Janine Proost, Kelly Beneforti

Video: Sarah Kaur

Composer: Shoeb Ahmad

Installation:  Christiane Nowak

Nishi Gallery, 27 Nov – 1 Dec.















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