05 Jun ‘14

Help Crowd-Fund Our Dancers with Pozible!

published on 05 June 2014

Pozible is crowd-funding with the help of Creative Partnerships Australia.


This means that if you pledge $1, the dancer gets $2… if you pledge $20, they get $40… and if you pledge $100, they get $200!!!



Liz Lea – Kathrada 50/25 – an homage


Kathrada – 50/25 is an evening of dance and music to pay homage to Ahmed Kathrada and his dedication to freedom for all. The performances mark the 50th Anniversary of the imprisonment of Ahmed Kathrada alongside Nelson Mandela for his stance against apartheid. 2014 also marks the 25th Anniversary of his release. The performers include Liz Lea, Bobby Singh, Jenni White, Mahesh Radhakrishnan and Troupe Olabisi. Performances 18th and 19th October at Gorman House Theatre, Canberra, Australia.



Jamie Winbank – Glasgow, this is Canberra calling!


Jamie Winbank is a Canberra based independent dancer and choreographer and has been invited to attend the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Glasgow, Scotland as a member of the QL2 Dance tour party. To make this a viable trip, QL2 have included a dance exchange with Bangkok Dance Academy in Bangkok and a three day stop over in London thus making the tour a 14 day world tour from July 1st to July 14.

Volunteering his time over the past 8 months (along with being a full time dance artist) Jamie has acted as tour manager for the tour.  From liaising with dance companies, booking accommodation, arranging flights and scheduling the day to day activities of the 8 dancers and 4 adult members attending the tour Jamie’s role has been essential in the success of the tour. During the 14 days of the tour, Jamie will also volunteer his time to assist in rehearsals and choreographic development in Bangkok, assist in a presentation of a “boys in dance” session at the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in Glasgow and generally ensure a smooth and successful tour for those attending.


Madeleine Towler Lovell – Scotland, May I Have This Dance?


This year as part of the Commonwealth Games, the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival is also being held in Glasgow. A number of youth dance groups from around the world have been selected to participate and perform. Since January this year I have been working very hard with 8 other dancers from Quantum Leap Youth Dance ensemble and choreographer James Batchelor to create a short dance piece, ‘Cinders’, that we will perform in Glasgow and Bangkok. We have been dancing and creating nearly every Sunday since the beginning of the year plus  all day nearly everyday during the school holiday periods. We will be travelling overseas from the 1st to the 14th of July this year.  Help Maddie get there!



QL2 Centre for Youth Dance – Leaping and Bounding to Glasgow


QL2 Centre for Youth Dance has been invited to attend the 2014 Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival hosted in Glasgow, Scotland as part of the lead up to theCommonwealth Games. Eight senior members of the Quantum Leap ensemble, including myself, were selected to travel on a 2 week tour to Glasgow from July 1st up until July 13th. En route to Glasgow, our tour will initially stopover in Bangkok where we will join forces and explore movement with the dancers from Bangkok Dance Academy whom we have a strong and valuable ongoing connection with. Our next short journey will take us to London, renowned as a cul-de-sac of inspiring world class dance. Finally after arriving to Glasgow it will be straight into a week jam packed with activities and workshops with like minded passionate dancers from all over the globe.



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