11 Aug ‘14

Food at The Q

published on 11 August 2014


Co-produced by Force Majeure & Belvoir


Writer: Steve Rodgers; Co-Directors: Kate Champion and Steve Rodgers; Set and Costume Designer: Anna Tregloan; Lighting Designer: Martin Langthorne; Assistant Director: Danielle Micich; Composer and Sound Designer: Ekrem Mulayim

On a stretch of Australian highway, two sisters run their family takeaway joint.  Chiko Rolls and reminiscing are on the menu.  While they quietly wage war with their past and dream up a brighter future, a young life-loving Turkish traveller arrives with a charm and sensuality that turns their world around.

Their dreams become reality when they transform their rundown fast-food stop into a restaurant showcasing Elma’s gift for comfort cooking.  Audience members become restaurant guests as the sisters serve up Elma’s hearty minestrone soup, sourdough and local wines.

Kate Champion’s Force Majeure is a ground-breaker in dance theatre and Belvoir is one of Australia’s greatest theatre companies.  Food is a true fusion of the elements of movement-based performance and the theatre.  Food is a Force Majeure – Bevoir collaboration, and the first time a Force Majeure production has had a bona fide script from the outset: that of actor-playwright Steve Rodgers, who also co-directs here.

The result is a play that occasionally and brilliantly bursts into dance.  It is a feast for the senses with an erotic mix of words and movement that will spice and stir in equal parts.  Come share a meal.

Note: The food in this production is vegetarian, does not contain nuts, and is composted at the end of each performance.

‘I found the smorgasbord of theatricality perfectly in sync with what I think lies at the heart of this play: the notion that opening your mind and heart to change can lead to all sorts of wonderful surprises and marvellous opportunities.’ Greenroom, Kate Foy

‘A show that is a robust meal… warm, substantial, and completely delicious.  I recommend this play unreservedly.’ Australian Stage, Jodi McAlister

Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes with no interval
Audience Advice: Strong language, adult themes, appropriate for patrons 16+





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