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Art Not Apart Festival 15 March

published on 08 March 2014


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The Art Not Apart Festival is a festival of creative spaces run by an artist or group. These spaces interconnect artists, their work and audiences. There are a set of curators targeting video, performance, music, street art, craft and visual art, as well as an artist discussion space. Work will be shown across the entire NewActon precinct, indoors and outside.

2014′s festival has an expanded focus on major performance spaces and exhibitions. Expect unique areas with punchy shows.

Audiences will be exposed to a wide range of processes from painters, filmmakers, poets, sculptors, all types of performers and installation artists. There is a focus on live, interdisciplinary and site-specific works.

This year we will make tracks through artistic, political and social minefields recognising that the world is interpreted in diverse and unique ways. Work that traverses media, subverts a space, plays with both analogue and digital expression and unpacks the creative process is encouraged. Art, Not Apart is about the dissolution of boundaries.

Craft and pre-loved sales are perfect for Suitcase Rummage, also located within the festival. It’s is a mini-scaled markets with giant rewards. Register with them to bring up to three suitcases filled with handmade, vintage or interesting things to sell on the day.180 artists contributed to the day in 2013.

This year’s applicants and national artists will reach a similar number.


See Admit One in person…

What will you admit to?

A single audience member is invited to offer an admission to start a feedback loop that directs and guides the unfolding experience.

Do your best to see this intimate, site specific, interactive performance work combining dance, theatre and installation. As solo dance artists, Tanya Voges and Alison Plevey are concerned with the impact of solitary and one-on-one creative practice, in process and performance. Blurring the line between performer and audience member admit one entices curiosity and courage.

Will you admit a secret or a guilty habit to fuel the performance?

This 8 minute show is for one person at a time, make your free booking at the Art Not Apart website.

Smith Murdoch Room, beside the Library Bar, NewActon Pavillion


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